Since 1996, Fairfield Outreach & Sponsors Association (FOSA) has been providing for the needs of orphaned children in the area surrounding the Old Mutare Mission in southeastern Zimbabwe. Founded from the passion of young college students and developed with the help of many devoted supporters.

While FOSA serves as the fundraising base for our partners in Zimbabwe, over the past decade, it has come to represent so much more. The relationships that have developed are key to meeting the needs of the children and creating a sustainable program, which can serve the children as they grow into their older years and become leaders of the Zimbabwean future.

Sponsor a child and change lives, those of the beautiful children of Fairfield and also yours. The love is unconditional.

Current Status in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is currently in a state of economic crisis. For more in-depth information on the situation, log onto zwnews and other media outlets. We are in constant communication with the administration at Fairfield Children’s Homes and while times are challenging, the children and staff are doing well. This is a direct result of all the friends and sponsors of the children. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Statement of Mission and Vision

The mission of Fairfield Outreach & Sponsors Association is to cultivate relationships with sponsors and donors to support the Fairfield Children’s Homes community in Zimbabwe.

Our vision is to:

  • Support the staff and community in nurturing the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual well-being of children in family style homes
  • Build relationships between sponsors/donors and the Fairfield Children’s Homes community as well as raise awareness about local culture and social challenges in Zimbabwe
  • Work to assure a healthy and sustainable future for each child and the community as a whole

FOSA is a 501(c) (3) not for profit organization.