FOSA Board Member Spotlight: Bonnie Naas

I am Bonnie Naas and I am the assistant to the pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago.
I love doing all the "behind the scene" work, but having a front row seat to see how God is
working in the lives of our congregation. An unusual fact about me is that, back in college, I
hosted a TV show where I interviewed unique local people and showcased local businesses. Also
sushi is my favorite food. One outdoor activity that I love is walking and running along Lake
Michigan. Also my husband and I love traveling. in the past few years we have been to
California to visit our two sons; some other favorite places are New England, Cape Town (South
Africa) and, of course, Zimbabwe.

I have had the privilege of serving on the FOSA Board for almost nine years. I have been
able to share the FOSA story with many others. Presently, I am the chair of the Communications
Committee. Luckily, I have been to Zimbabwe seven times, sometimes at Christmas.
My first trip to Fairfield was in March/April of 2004. The children were still located at
the Babyfold, the "old" orphanage location. It was quite shocking to see the room where the
children slept there; so many beds were placed in one room without much space to walk.
However, I was blessed by the joy I saw in the children's faces. Later, I was able to be at
Fairfield with its eight homes for 10 children each and a "mother" for each home.
The first children I met were Gift and Juliet. They were some of the younger ones then,
since the older children were in school at that time. Gift had a big and beautiful smile and still
does today. Juliet was a quiet girl, but was kind and friendly. We could not speak to each other
since she only spoke Shona and, at that point, I knew no Shona. We "spoke" though smiles. As
time has passed, I have loved seeing our children grow up and become productive, responsible
adults. It's great to know that all of us have had a part in the raising these children. Thank you for
supporting children through FOSA.