FOSA Board Member Spotlight : Annette Kambarami 

I'm Annette Kambarami and  I live in Texas, where I work in accounting.  I like running and walking outdoors when the weather permits in Texas. Also I enjoy cycling. An unusual fact about me is that I was Miss Zimbabwe in 1998. I have served on the FOSA Board in many capacities for almost five years. I enjoy sitting around the table and brainstorming with other board members.

Fairfield is across the valley from Africa University, which I attended from 1998-2002. I love serving others, so it came naturally that I join the Fairfield Buddies when I was in college. We spent time every other weekend with the FCH children. My friend Claudine was drawn to one kid whose name was Biggie. Together, she and I worked and played with him. He was about two at the time. We fed him, cleaned him, and push him on the swings. Now he has graduated from Hartzell High School and will head to a university in the fall. Where did the time go?

I have seen God use regular people like us to make a difference in the lives of the FCH children. One is now studying medical technology at Africa University because one of our board members secured funds for him to study there. Another is getting ready to graduate from Africa University after receiving a full scholarship four years ago. God is at work through His people, for those who are willing to listen and obey His call. It "takes a village" of people to help raise each of the FCH children. Thanks for your part in that work.