Becca and kids at fosa

I am Rebecca Robson, a marketing coordinator and content strategist at a consulting firm in California. My degree is in International Security and Conflict Resolution; I minored in Arabic. I have been on the FOSA Board for almost four years. I serve as chair of the Sustainability Committee; we work to try to encourage ways that Fairfield can sustain herself though projects like planting maze, having house gardens and raising chickens. The best part about being on the FOSA Board is being around people who have been touched by the love of the FCH children as I have. Also at Fairfield, I have enjoyed meeting many extraordinary people willing and able to make a difference in the lives of others.

Here are a few personal facts about me; I love tacos, pho and sushi. Additionally, I find writing, traveling, yoga, and cooking to be lots of fun; also I recently have developed a love of kayaking.

I have had the pleasure of being at Fairfield twice. My first trip was in 2007 when I was sixteen. At such an impactful age, I have many memorable moments, but I would say that one of the most vivid was leaving the homes after our final visit of the week. Our van was packed and the kids were struggling to climb into the van, so that they could leave with us. They were begging us to stay.  I remember, as we started driving down the road,  I turned to see one little girl running after the van, screaming my name; that moment made a strong impact on me.

My favorite memory was when I was teaching creche (kindergarten) for a week. Keeping an eye on ten toddlers is hard enough in any situation, let alone when they don't speak English. Once children start regular school in Zimbabwe, they are exposed to English every day. One little "troublemaker" was notorious for running away and not following the rules. As we were going over the alphabet as a class, there he was stark naked, running across the lawn and out of sight. We ran after him for about ten minutes before catching him. After that, we immediately learned how to say "sit down" in Shona, their main language.

Chris was the first child I met. He struck me because he had such a tiny and fragile body, yet had such an energetic and charismatic personality. He wanted to be become a preacher some day. All my team of volunteers left him protein bars and other snacks because his mother said he was not able to eat much. Chris has since passed away from a medical condition that stunted his development. He was an outstanding child and we were blessed to have known him. His memory remains so vivid to many board members and other folks who visited FCH before his passing.