In an effort to ensure the sustainability of Fairfield Children’s Homes and that the ongoing needs of the children are met, FOSA also supports several projects.


For $30 per month you can sponsor a child at Fairfield Children’s Homes.  The money provides the children with adequate food and clothing, education, medical and dental needs, and much more.  FOSA is committed to maintaining the physical, educational, and emotional health of all of the children at Fairfield.

As the value of the US dollar has decreased in Zimbabwe, FOSA has turned to engaging more sponsors per child in order to adequately meet the needs of the children.  The goal is to acquire a minimum of three sponsors per child.  “Learn More about Becoming a Sponsor”   “Meet the Children”

Project HOPE

Project HOPE is a program that reaches out to the orphaned and vulnerable children in the community villages surrounding Fairfield Children’s Homes. Vulnerable children are those who are malnourished, suffer from HIV/AIDS and other serious health issues, or are not able to receive other basic needs. Project HOPE offers financial assistance to families caring for these children in the form of school fees, medical care, food supplements and clothing and blankets. For more information visit: Hope For Zimbabwe
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